Navratri Colours for 9 Days- Navratri 2020 Colours and their Significance

Navratri Colours for 9 Days

Navratri Colours for 9 Days- Navratri 2020 Colours and their Significance

Have you ever imagined, how this world will look if there were no Colours? Colours do play a very important role in our lives as they give us different perspective about things. Today in this article we will talk about navratri colours for 9 days and their importance.

Colours are not just visual elements but they also express our feelings since ancient times. Yes, colours do convey messages which are beyond words and for the same reason we have special meaning of colours in our spiritual lives as well.

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Every day different colours have their own importance in Navratri. Navratri festival is a festival of colours, happiness, joy and gaiety. Navratri festival marks the celebration of womanhood by nature. In this festival each day is marked with a specific colour which signifies a specific message for that particular day. We believe that our goddess Maa Durga fill our lives with the same colours, love, joy and happiness. So, in this article I am going to share navratri colours for 9 days.

Navratri is combination of two Hindi words, ‘nav’ – meaning nine and ‘ratri’– meaning nights. For the same reason we worship nine incarnations of divine Goddess Durga. Apart from worshiping Goddess Durga, we mark Navratri celebration with various other deeds like fasting, preparing special Navratri food, Sweets, playing Dandiya, Garba and wear different colours dress according to navratri colours for 9 days.

So, in this article we will predominantly talk about navratri colours for 9 days.

Navratri 2020 Date:

This year Navratri 2020 date will start from Saturday, 17 October and Ends on Sunday, 25 October.

9 Days Colours Significance for Navratri 2020:
Day 1 – 17/Oct/2020

Tithi – Ghatasthapana/Pratipada

Colour- Red

Navratri Colours for 9 Days
Mata Shailputri

1st day of Navratri is marked for Mata Shailputri – daughter of mountains and also known as Goddess ‘Bhavani’, ‘Parvati’ and ‘Hemavati’.

Since it is the 1st day of Navratri it brings in a lot happiness, good luck and hence brings with it a significant works of decoration in households, ‘Kalash Sthapna’ also called ‘Ghatashtapana’, ‘Akhanda Deepak Sthapna’ and many more.

The Red colour on this day represents the Strength and fierce of Goddess Shailputri and hence, and for you Navratri saree colour would be red on this day.

Day 2 – 18/Oct/2020

Tithi – Dwitiya

Colour – Blue

Navratri Colours for 9 Days
Mata Brahmacharini

On this day we all worship Mata Brahmacharini. Goddess Brahmacharini bestows on us her blessings in form of peace, patience, sacrifice and moksha.

Devotees generally wear blue Sarees to mark this day and worship Goddess with blue flowers as well.

Day 3 – 19/Oct/2020

Tithi – Tritiya

Colour – Yellow

navratri 2020
Mata Chandraghanta

Third day of Navratri starts with worship of Mata Chandraghanta. The name comes from the fact that she used to wear half-moon on her forehead after marrying Lord Shiva.

Goddess Chandraghanta represents the beauty and bravery, which we represent with Yellow colour on this day by wearing yellow clothes and worshipping Goddess with yellow flowers.

Day 4 – 20/Oct/2020

Tithi – Chaturthi

Colour – Green

navratri 2020
Mata Kushmanda

Fourth day of Navratri brings us the joy of worshipping Mata Kushmanda. She is believed to be the creator who made the life possible by giving vegetation to this planet.

For this reason, the colour of this day is Green and hence Navratri saree colour would be Green on this day to please our dear Goddess.

Day 5 – 21/Oct/2020

Tithi – Panchami

Colour – Grey

navratri 2020
Goddess Skandamata

On the fifth day of Navratri all the devotees worship Goddess Skandamata. The name comes from the fact the Goddess is mother of Lord Skanda (Kartikeya).

The colour of this day is Grey, which symbolizes the pure strength and will of women to confront anything, when their children do face any danger.

Day 6 – 22/Oct/2020

Tithi – Sashti

Colour – Orange

navratri 2020
Goddess Katyayani

Goddess Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri. Goddess represents the most fearless, empowered and violent incarnation of Mata Parvati. For the same reason she is symbolized sitting on a Tiger with fire in her eyes.

The vigour and courage of this day is celebrated with Orange colour and for the same reason all the devotees wear orange and worship Goddess with orange flowers.

Day 7 – 23/Oct/2020

Tithi – Saptami

Colour – White

navratri colours for 9 days
Goddess Kalaratri

Devotees do worship Goddess Kalaratri on this auspicious day to celebrate her valour and courage. On this day Mata gave up her fair skin colour to kill demons ‘Sumbha’ and ‘Nisumbha’. According to mythology her eyes turned red with anger, and she wore white saree while her skin turned black.

Hoping our Goddess will always protect us from all the demons, we wear white clothes and worship goddess with white flowers.

Day 8 – 24/Oct/2020

Tithi – Ashtami

Colour – Pink

navratri colours for 9 days
Goddess Mahagauri

We all worship Goddess Mahagauri on this day to celebrate her intelligence, calmness and peace. So, on this day your Navratri saree colour would be pink.

Day 9 – 25/Oct/2020

Tithi – Navami

Colour – Light blue

navratri colours for 9 days
Mata Siddhidatri

This is the last day of the 9 day long holy celebrations of Navratri, ending with worship of Mata Siddhidatri. She is also known Mata Lakshmi and seen sitting on a Lotus flower, representing prosperity.

I hope this article gives you the complete idea about Navratri Colours for 9 Days that we should wear on auspicious celebrations of Navratri. Various people say various colours for a particular day, but I have tried to gather the most trusted information.

Navratri is a celebration of womanhood, where we all celebrate and appreciate the power and purity of women. So, let’s not just worship the Goddess just on this day but respect the women around us every day.

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