Wondering how to lose a double chin? 6 Quick exercises at home!

how to get rid of double chin

Wondering how to lose a double chin? 6 Quick exercises at home!

A slender jawline is a dream for many of us. Weight gain, aging, poor posture, or just plain genetic conditions can cause you to develop a double chin and we all want to know how to lose a double chin? You may hate that extra fat layer below your chin or around your neck that seems to develop out of nowhere. You may have tried various diets, health supplements, face masks, and even strenuous double chin exercises. They seem to have promised quick results, but reality is far from the truth.

If you are looking to get the perfect carved cheekbones and a prominent jawline, there is no need to get caught in a whirlpool of exercises and remedies that can confuse you further with the right results not coming in. Here are some exercises on how to lose a double chin that are sure to be on point if you practice them regularly. These exercises promote a stronger jawline and tone down your facial muscles, giving you the much desired slender chin.

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Let us start with these 6 exercises for double chin that help get rid of double chin and enhance your smile.

how to lose a double chin
Chin Rotation
how to get rid of double chin
Chin rotation exercise

We will begin with a simple warm up exercise to ease your facial muscles. This simple exercise will set the stage for further activity and for the same reason, is considered as one of the best exercises for double chin. Warm –ups are necessary for any exercise schedule so that your muscles get inclined to work and do not get unnecessarily strained. Here are the steps:

  • Sit or stand with your back straight. Your head should be straight, as well.
  • Rotate your head gently in the forward direction and down.
  • Repeat the same action for your head in the upward and backward direction now, in a circular motion.
  • Perform up to 5 rotations, and then change to the opposite direction.
  • If you feel neck pain with circular rotations, you can just move your head in semicircles from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times. 

You can use the same exercise for stretching your jaw. Gently stretch your jaw to the left side, then in front of your head. Then turn to the right, and then back. Try to hold each position for 2-3 seconds.

This simple exercise warms up your muscles. Now they are prepared for exercise.

Tongue Stretch
how to get rid of double chin
Tongue stretch

We will start with a simple tongue stretch exercise. The best part of performing this exercise is that it is very easy and simple and you do not need any special prop or place to do it.

  • Stand or sit in a comfortable position and look straight ahead.
  • Stretch your tongue out in front of your mouth as far as you can stretch.
  • Try to lift your tongue as high as you can towards your nose.
  • Keep your tongue in this position for a few seconds. You will feel your facial muscles around your chin and neck tightening up.
  • Release the tongue.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times.

If done regularly this exercise can be an answer to your question – how to lose a double chin?

Whistle at the Ceiling
double chin exercises
Whistle at Ceiling

This is another beneficial exercise that helps you reduce your double chin and strengthens your neck muscles.  Let us see how to perform this simple exercise.

  • Sit with your back straight and shoulders relaxed.
  • Look above your head at the ceiling with your head tilted back.
  • With the head help in this position, close your lips in the way you are whistling. Make sure that your lips are relaxed. They should be held tight enough to feel the strain. You will be able to feel your muscles contracting on both sides of your neck.
  • Keep this position for 10-20 seconds.
  • For one sitting, you can repeat this exercise 10 times as per your convenience.
Sky Kiss Exercise
sky kiss exercise
Sky kiss exercise

This is a light exercise that has benefits for both your chin and the neck. Here the steps that you can follow:

  • Stand straight in a comfortable position.
  • Look up towards the ceiling and try to imagine you would like to kiss the sky.
  • Look above as much as possible.
  • Push your lower jaw slightly forward and pucker your lips as if you were going to kiss. You will begin to feel your chin and neck muscles getting strained.
  • Keep this position for 5 seconds and release.
  • Repeat the exercise up to 5 times.
The Lion’s Yawn
how to reduce double chin
The Lion Yawn

Here is the next exercise that will also help to stretch the muscles of your chin and neck. It is known as a “lion’s yawn,” and this will test your skills to open your mouth wide. Let us see how to do this.

  • Sit or stand with your body straight and in a relaxed posture.
  • Open your mouth as wide as you can.
  • Stretch out your tongue as far as you can in front of your mouth.
  • Keep your tongue stretched out for about 10 seconds.
  • Release your tongue and relax for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times.

When you begin to do this exercise, you will immediately notice the muscles of your face, chin, and neck tightening up. Regular performance of this exercise will help to tone down your chin and facial muscles.

Chin Ball Exercise
chin ball exercise
Chin Ball Exercise

For this exercise, you will need a regular tennis ball. Those green tennis balls, you remember? Wondering how to reduce double chin with a tennis ball? We are making use of a tennis ball here because it is soft and firm and exercises sufficient pressure on your muscles when used. Here is what you are supposed to do:

  • Stand or sit in an upright position in a comfortable manner.
  • Place the tennis ball against your throat and chin.
  • Bend your head down and squeeze it tightly with your chin.
  • Keep your chin in this position for a few seconds.
  • Release and relax.
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times for two sets.

When done correctly and regularly, it will help to reduce the extra fat from around your chin. It will also help to strengthen your neck and back.

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These double chin exercises that we have covered need to be performed consistently for at least a period of 30 days to start seeing visible changes. There are no immediate results, but you can start noticing your double chin flab reducing within days if you perform them regularly. So, I would suggest you to stick with these double chin exercises and they can be the answer to your question – how to lose a double chin?

Apart from exercises there are several other ways to lose double chin. Some of those worth mentioning points are below:

  1. Weight loss: Losing weight overall can help reduce the amount of fat under the chin, which can lead to a reduction in the appearance of a double chin.
  2. Facial exercises: We have already seen a handful of highly effective set of facial exercises, which have yielded good results over time.
  3. Good posture: Improving your posture can help reduce the appearance of a double chin by lengthening the neck and creating a more defined jawline. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and avoid tilting your head down or up, which can create the appearance of a double chin. Another example of posture improvement can be voiding crossing your legs, when sitting as this can cause your pelvis to tilt forward and create tension in the neck and jaw.
  4. Non-surgical treatments: There are several non-surgical treatments that can help reduce the appearance of a double chin, including Kybella injections and CoolSculpting.
  5. Surgical options: If non-surgical options don’t produce the desired results, surgical options such as liposuction or neck lift surgery may be considered.

We should all keep in consideration that the best approach to losing a double chin may vary depending on the individual, and consulting with a healthcare provider or cosmetic surgeon can help determine the best course of action.

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