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With wide acceptance of modern lifestyle, we had to pay a cost and biggest one was compromising with our healthy lifestyle. Out of numerous health issues that we face, gastric issues are the ones that are most common and are very hard to get rid of. So today we will talk about some common yet effective home remedies for gastric problems.

Before we go in details of home remedies for gastric problems, let’s take a quick look on some of the common causes of gastric problems:

  • Infections or injuries.
  • Prolonged and regular use of pain killers. Yes, pain killers are very harmful in every sense and should be avoided.
  • Excessive consumption of Alcohol.
  • Persistent and intense stress.
  • Constipation or Diarrhoea.

The most common symptoms for gastric problems include:

  • Upper stomach pain.
  • nausea and vomiting.
  • Heartburns at times.
  • Cramping, swelling, tightness and even bloating.
  • Sometimes, there are no symptoms.

So, if you are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is highly probable that you are suffering from gastric problems.

However, the great thing is that there are a lot of effective and easy to adopt home remedies for gastric problems, which you can find right in your kitchen. So, today we will try to give you some nice and easy to use home remedies for gastric from everyday use items of your kitchen.

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Home Remedies for Gastric from within your Kitchen
Fennel Seeds (Saunf)
home remedies for gastric
Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds are one of the most effective and commonly used home remedies for gastric. Fennel seeds are commonly known as ‘Saunf’ in households. It is very common to take and chew a teaspoon of fennel seeds after a meal for the same reason.

Alternatively, you can also take a tea spoon of green fennel seeds and boil in a cup of water for 3-5 minutes and drink the water. This will help you to reduce heartburn, bloating and gas.

Regular use of fennel seeds after meal will prove a long-term solution for gastric problems. However, pregnant or lactating women should avoid doing this as it may heat up your body.

Carom Seeds (Ajwain)
home remedies for gastric
Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are found in every household and work great in home remedies for gastric problems.

Carom seeds do secrete gastric juices, due to enzyme called thymol, which helps in digestion and hence make you feel relieved from your gastric problems. Carom seeds are equally effective in all the abdominal problems as it strengthens the digestion.

For instant relief, best way to consume is to mix it in warm water with a pinch of black salt. This is among the fastest ways to get relief in gastric problems.

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Aloe Vera
home remedies for gastric
Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a very effective remedy for gastric problems, which has been proven in many of the studies conducted in recent times. If consumed daily, Aloe vera can increase your immunity against a variety of issues like indigestion, constipation and acidity etc.

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Now a days a long range of brands are selling Aloe Vera juice and is readily available in any of the retail shops around. It also helps flushing out toxins from the body and hence will help you in variety of other health issues. Due to its intoxicating nature, it’s best to be consumed empty stomach in morning and you should refrain from taking any meal until next one hour.

Aloe vera should be consumed daily but in mild quantities and diluted with water in equal quantity. It is alkaline in nature and it has already been proven that bodies with acidic pH are more prone to diseases.

So, what are you waiting for before including Aloe Vera juice in your daily morning routine?

Ispaghula or Psyllium husk or Isabgol
home remedies for gastric
Psyllium husk

Psyllium husk is rich in fibres and hence when consumed with curd, it can prove to be highly effective in maintaining good abdominal health. Combining it with curd is also very important due to probiotic nature of curd, which is very effective in fighting infections.

Psyllium husk can also be used as a quick remedy for running stools as it helps in hardening the stools. However, it should be taken with sufficient amount of water or curd for this purpose.

Best time to consume Isabgol is either morning (empty stomach) or before going to bed in night with warm milk as it helps fighting constipation when taken with warm milk.

Asafoetida (Heeng)
home remedies for gastric

Asafoetida can be magical in home remedies for gastric problems. It can be consumed either orally and externally. Both the ways of consumption are equally effective and can be chosen based on your preference.

First way to consume is to mix a half teaspoon of heeng in a cup of warm water, empty stomach to keep yourself away from gas.

For external use, you can mix Asafoetida in a few drops of lukewarm mustard oil and massage it on the naval area. This is believed to provide instant relief and can be a great option for those who do not like the taste of it.

So next time when stomach pain or acidity comes on to attack, you can bring in Asafoetida for a quick fight back.

Ginger (Adrak)
home remedies for gastric

Ginger is a great Ayurvedic remedy for gastric problems, which is readily available in any kitchen. As a remedy for gastric you can grate a tea-spoon of ginger into a cup of lukewarm water or even with a tea spoon lemon, which can be consumed after meals.

Ginger is also consumed very frequently with tea. Sipping ginger tea can also help in reducing the gastric problems. However, if you have acidic pH, you should think of cutting down your tea intake.

Ginger naturally stimulates the enzymes which are helpful in digestion, and is anti-inflammatory helping in reducing inflammation.

home remedies for gastric

Triphala is another very effective home remedy for gastric problems. It is an Ayurvedic herbal powder, which is said to be a panacea for all the gastrointestinal problems.

Triphala is a mix of three herbs called ‘Harad’, ‘Baheda’ and ‘Amla’ in a proportion of 1:2:4 respectively.

Triphala should always be taken in supervision of some Ayurveda practitioner’s supervision as the quantity and frequency should always be in check. Since, it is an Ayurvedic products and doesn’t have a lot of side effects, even if you are taking it with your own discretion, make sure to keep a check on the quantity.

Butter milk and Yogurt
home remedies for gastric
Butter milk

Butter milk and Yogurt are known natural probiotics and hence are amongst the best-known home remedies for gastric problems.

Probiotics are those good bacteria which are much needed in our body system for fighting the bad bacteria and preventing them from sticking the walls of our stomach. Having butter milk after the meals will keep the body cool and digestion strong and hence, relieving us from gastric problems.

Things to avoid in Gastric problems

While we include home remedies for gastric in our day to day diet, we should also consider avoiding things which may cause bigger upsets in gastric problems. So, below are some things which should be avoided if you are facing gastric problems.

  1. Alcohol and coffee should be avoided from access.
  2. Fruits which contain citric acid or are high in acidic contain like tomatoes etc.
  3. Fried, Spicy and foods which have high fat content.
  4. Carbonated drinks and other fast foods.

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I hope this article gives a clear and good idea about some common and very effective home remedies for gastric. Most of the things which I have mentioned are available is a common kitchen or can be found in any nearby grocery shop. If I have missed any home remedies for gastric, please do mention them in the comments below.

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