Flax Seed Health Benefits and for Weight Loss

Flax Seed Health Benefits and for Weight Loss

Flaxseeds are one of the most powerful plant foods on the planet. Flax also known as Linseed or common flax. Flax is grown for its seeds, which can be ground into flaxseed meal. Flax seed comes in two varieties: brown or yellow (golden linseed), both have similar nutritional facts and equal numbers of short chain omega 3fatty acids.

Flaxseeds are high in Omega-3 fats and they are rich source of healthy fat, antioxidants and fiber. The nutrients in flaxseed may help lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Flaxseed Nutrients Fact:

One tablespoon of ground flax seeds contains 37 calories, 2grams of dietary fiber, 1.2 grams of protein, 1.8grams of plant omega-3s and 2grams of carbs.

Apart from these nutrients Flax seed also contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.

Flaxseed are also containing Lignans in good amounts. Lignans have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities. In every 100grams of flaxseed they contain 0.3g of lignans.

Vitamins and minerals:

Flax seeds are a good source of several vitamins and minerals:

  1. Thiamine
  2. Copper
  3. Molybdenum
  4. Magnesium
  5. Phosphorus
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Flaxseed Health Benefits:

  1. Omega-3 essential fatty acids known as the good fats. Research indicates that flaxseed could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer, like prostate cancer and breast cancer.
  2. The ALA (alpha-linolenic acid ) fats in flaxseeds benefits the skin, nails and hair shiny by providing essential fatty acids as well as vitamins B, which can reduce dryness and flakiness.
  3. High in antioxidants Flaxseed is the highest source of lignans in the plant world. it contains 75 to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods. Lignans which have both plant estrogen and antioxidant qualities, promoting hormonal balance and it may help both menopausal and postmenopausal women alike, and lignans also flush out toxins.
  4. Gluten free, flax is a great way to naturally replace gluten-containing grains in recipes. Grains, especially those containing gluten it can be hard to digest for many people, but flax is usually easily metabolized and also anti-inflammatory.
  5. Fiber, Flaxseed contains both the soluble fiber and insoluble fiber, which can help with regulating blood sugar, promoting weight loss and preventing constipation. Soluble fiber can also help reduce LDL cholesterol levels.
  6. Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). The alpha-linolenic acid and related chemicals in flaxseed oil seem to have anti-inflammatory properties. That is why flaxseed oil is considered useful for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.
  7. Choline which contributes to brain health and function.

Flaxseed for weight loss:

Looking forward to lose weight in healthy way with flaxseed?

If yes, then you have to add flaxseed in your daily routine diet. flaxseeds are one of the most supper and effective foods that help you lose extra kilos. Flaxseed contains fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. flaxseeds increase your body’s efficiency to lose weight. You can reach your weight loss goals if you follow a healthy diet and a routine exercise.

As we all know that Flaxseeds are great source of  Omega-3 (alpha linolenic acid) and Omega-6 (linoleic acid) which cannot be produced in the body, “The essential fatty acids help reduce inflammation.  Flaxseeds are also a good source of thermogenic and it boost your metabolism and increase fat burning. Flaxseeds are full of fiber (27.3gms of dietary fiber) and fiber will keep you full for longer periods. They are a rich source of protein (about 100gms of flaxseeds contains 18gms of protein). Proteins help lose weight faster, and also they contain 75 to 800 times more lignans than other plant foods. Lignans also lower glucose levels which contribute towards weight loss.

 However, it is important that you understand the too many dos and don’ts of the best weight loss exercises and the diet you follow. On this weight loss journey try to add a few superfoods that will help you along the way. Flaxseeds, most fitness experts would suggest, is one such superfood you must include in your diet.

How to include flaxseeds in your diet:

  1. Add 1 tablespoon flaxseed in to your smoothie
  2. Sprinkle flaxseed in to your oatmeal
  3. Sprinkle flaxseed in to your salad
  4. Garnish soups with a tablespoon of flaxseed

You can only use 1-2 tablespoon of flaxseed every day in to your diet for effective weight loss.

So now I think you got the idea of consuming flaxseed. It will be very effective if you consume flaxseed either in the morning or in the night. So guys enjoy your flaxseed meal and reach you weight loss goals.

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