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facial at home

Every girl makes a schedule to visit the parlour at least twice a month. We all wait for that day, get anxious and become very happy when we visit the parlour, because we all are happy thinking about the glow on our skin/face to flaunt, as we come out of the parlour. But we hardly think about the fact that the glow we get on our faces, in parlors, is not going to last for more than 5-6 days, along with the use of harmful chemicals on our skin in abundance. Also, as a matter of fact, we can not visit a parlour every other week to keep the glow on our skin. So, we all want to find out the ways to do facial at home.

In today’s world there are a number of factors which are affecting our skin in most dangerous ways. These factors may include high pollution level, hormonal imbalance, stress, negligence at times, unhealthy diet & lifestyle and frequent usage of high chemical cosmetic products. The ill effects may result in wrinkles, rashes, acne, blackheads and dangerous diseases ranging from infections to skin cancers at times. A quick visit to a parlour may help you get rid of some of these problems in short term, but exposing our skin to harmful chemicals may result long term ill effects.

So why spend money on useless things when you can get it free?

In this article, I will try to give you some ideas about how to do facial at home to get parlour like glowing skin, which are very easy to follow, as you will get most of the ingredients in your kitchen. As we are using natural ingredients, we do not have to worry about the side effects in long term and short term as well. Effects of using home remedies are always going to stay, unlike the glow we get from parlors, which tends to fade in a few days and digs a hole in your pocket as well. So, here we go with the list of handpicked home remedies, including the process to get it ready and all the ingredients used:

This step by step facial at home guide will give you parlour like glowing skin so follow me.

facial at home

Firstly, clean your face and neck thoroughly so that all the dust, sweat, oil and makeup are removed, which you may have put on. Keeping your face clean and hydrated is very important, to do this you can either use mild face wash and warm water or you can make natural cleanser at home.

Cleansers Oily Skin:
  • Rose water: Take cotton pads, dip in rose water and gently clean your face and neck.
  • Cucumber and tomato: Take out the juice from cucumber and tomato mix well and dip cotton pads in to the juice and gently clean your face and neck.
  • Honey and lemon juice: Mix well honey and lemon juice and dip cotton pads and clean your face and neck.
For Dry Skin:
  • Honey and yogurt: Take 3 teaspoons of yogurt and 1 teaspoon of honey, mix well in a bowl, now apply it on your face and neck and massage for couple of minutes and wash off with cold water.
  • Coconut oil: Gently massage your face and neck with coconut oil. After sometime remove with a warm washcloth and rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  • Olive oil and glycerin: Take olive oil and glycerin together in bowl, mix well and gently massage your face and neck for about a minute. Remove with a warm washcloth and rinse your face with lukewarm water. With this the first step to your facial at home is done and lets now see the next step.
facial at home

So, your next step is to gently scrub your face and neck to remove dead skin. When you scrub your face, it improves blood circulation on your face and opens up the pores.

For Oily Skin:
  • Oatmeal and honey: Take oatmeal and honey together in a bowl and mix well. Now apply it on your face and neck and scrub gently for 5 minutes and wash off with cold water.
  • Coffee and yogurt: Take coffee powder and yogurt, mix well, apply it on your face & neck, scrub gently for 5 minutes and rinse it with cold water.
  • Papaya and lemon juice: Mix papaya pulp and lemon juice in a bowl, apply on your face & neck, scrub gently for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.
For Dry Skin:
  • Coffee: Grind coffee beans, mix with water apply the paste on your face & neck, scrub for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • Rice flour and milk: To make this scrub all you need is 1 tbsp of rice flour (soak any type of rice for 1 hour, drain the water and let the rice dry completely. Grind the dry rice in to a fine powder) and 2tsp of milk. Mix it well to apply this paste on your face & neck, scrub gently for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • Almond powder and cream: Soak 8 to 9 almonds over the night. Peal it off in the morning to grind it roughly. Take fresh cream in to a bowl and mix almond powder, apply this paste on your face & neck, scrub gently for 5 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Note: Make sure you scrub your face gently as excessive pressure can make your skin sensitive and patchy.

facial at home

We all love doing facial massage true right. It feels relaxed and stress free when someone else does a massage for you. Massage is very important for your skin it help to improve blood circulation. Now I am going to share homemade massage cream.

  • Turmeric and fresh cream:  Take a pinch of turmeric and 1 tbsp of fresh cream or malai. Mix it well and start massaging your face for 10 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. It will surely give you glowing skin. This can be useful for both the skin types (oily and dry skin)
Face Pack

Once you are done with cleansing, scrubbing and massaging your face needs to relax now. It is the time to apply face pack and take at least 15 minutes break. Face pack opens up the pores and removes dead skin cells. There are a plenty of ways you can make a face pack at home. To find out the suitable face pack for your skin type please visit the post: Best home remedies face pack for glowing skin.

Useful tip: Start applying face pack from neck to upwards and apply all over your face and place a couple of cucumber on your eye and sit back allow it to dry and rinse with cold water.

facial at home

After completing your salon service at home, it will remain incomplete if you do not hydrate your skin properly. Make sure you moisturize your face and neck very well. Moisturizing keeps your skin young and fights wrinkles.

 For Oily Skin:
  • Argan oil: Argan oil is good moisturizer for oily skin, all you need to do is just take 2 drops of argan oil and moisturize your skin.
  • Olive oil and milk: Mix olive oil and milk in a bowl to moisturize your skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar and honey: Mix them together and apply on your face and neck
For Dry Skin:
  • Honey and Glycerin: mix them together and apply on your face and neck
  • Aloe Vera and coconut oil: Mix Aloe Vera gel with coconut oil in a bowl and apply all over your face and neck.
  • Lavender oil and vitamin E liquid: mix them together and apply on your face and neck.

With all these steps done, you are done with the facial at home. Try these steps for facial at home and share your thoughts with us in comments below.

I am a fitness and health enthusiast. This blog is an attempt to share my experiences about my journey towards a healthy lifestyle and weight loss with natural and home remedies. I love to travel and cherish and share the great experiences.

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