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Have you ever felt like someone has changed herself/himself overnight into a completely different person but, when you notice it was just a new hairstyle that made the person look different? A slight change in your look can not only make you feel confident about yourself but it will also break a monotonous view of others towards you. In other words, the other guy/girl who didn’t notice you in a while, will certainly notice you today and a mere hairstyle change can do the trick for you this time.

Yes, I know what you are thinking now, a perfect hair transformation doesn’t exist. But wouldn’t you give a try to a hairstyle which can give you an attractive look and is super trendy?

So, today I have brought you 15 best pixie cut hairstyles, which are only trendy but will also give you bolder, funky and attractive look with a new confidence about yourself.

In recent times, pixie haircut has been quite a charm in celebrities. When you want to look like your favorite celeb, I bet, a haircut will do half of it for you. Pixie haircut is a great hairstyle for a modern woman and there are a plenty of trendy new pixie looks that you can wear to express your individuality.

A pixie cut makes me feel sexy, beautiful, charming, convenient, pretty and is appropriate for all hair type. Pixie haircut is short on back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top with layers, entering into each other. You can do funkier with these kind of hairstyle by just adding a color or combination of colors and highlights.

Before we talk about 15 best pixie haircuts for 2020, I would like to mention that a pixie haircut could definitely be low in maintenance, but unlike other haircuts which require a trim every 5 to 7 weeks, pixie requires a touch up every 3 to 5 weeks. So, make sure you get touch up in the required week and no one has mistaken you for an alien.

Let’s check out 15 best pixie haircut for 2020:

Shaved Pixie cut:
Pixie haircut

If you are looking for Shaved sides pixie cut then check out beautiful Scarlett Johansson’s rocking a short pixie cut with shaved sides, go for it girls.

Curly Pixie cut:
pixie cut curly hair
Source: kratkovlasky.cz – instagram.com

If you have curly hair and prefer chopping your hair short on one side and keeping the other half long then go for it.

Side swept pixie cut:
side swept pixie cut

Checkout beautiful Miley Cyrus’s hot and trendy side swept bang pixie cut.

Layered Pixie cut:
layered pixie cut
Source: Kamiwings

If you really want to go for pixie cut then go for layered pixie cut, Layers on layers on layers give you a perfect alternative to a cool and mysterious look.

Thin Hair pixie cut:
thin hair pixie cut

if you have thin hair, no need to worry. If thin hair handled properly, they can give you a fine look, so layered pixie cut will be the best choice to make your hair look voluminous and thicker.

Thick Hair pixie cut:
thick hair pixie cut

you are going to love this trendy thick hair pixie cut, all you need to ask you hair styles to give them a good shape so that it looks hot, bold and cute.

Wavy hair pixie cut:
wavy hair pixie cut

isn’t it hot & cute wavy hair pixie cut, do try it.

Short pixie cut:
very short pixie cut

rocking and most stylish haircut for working women.

Pixie haircut bangs:
pixie haircut bangs
Source: Kaley

check out the hot Kaley Cuoco’s pixie bangs haircut the classic pixie cut. With short razored layers and forehead bangs, try it out.

Pixie bob with side bangs:
pixie bob cut

this pixie bob with side bangs will give your face more attractive look.

Pixie cute look:
Pixie haircut
Choppy pixie cut:
choppy pixie cut
Long pixie cut:
Long pixie cut
Trendy pixie cut:
Pixie haircut
Spiky Pixie Haircut:
spiky pixie cut

I hope this has given you an idea of what could suit your face, what are the options and what’s in trend. Flaunt all you got and be the most desired trendy fab girl. But never forget a funky hair cut never settles with anything less than glowing skin, so please visit this link for best face-packs for glowing skin. See you soon with my next article.

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