10 Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Faster at Home.

10 Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Faster at Home.

In our long list of wishes, there lies a wish, topping others, calling out for a Flat Belly. Well, who doesn’t want to look attractive while you try to achieve something which that’s not second to any other health benefit? It will not be wrong to say, reducing belly fat is probably the biggest challenge you shall ever face. So, we are here to call out some very effective exercises to reduce belly fat faster.

Belly fat is excess abdominal fat, there are three types of belly fat:

Subcutaneous: This type of fat accumulated beneath the skin surface.

Triglycerides: It moves continuously in your body and are stored as fat cells.

Visceral: Most dangerous belly fat, stored under abdominal cavity and other vital organs like liver, intestines etc.

Now that we know types of belly fat, we need to understand that it doesn’t just exist and increase the body weight but also may cause serious implications on our vital organs as it produces unwanted chemicals and hormones.

Most popular reasons for people gain belly fat:

  1. Life style
  2. Poor diet
  3. Stress
  4. Drinking alcohol
  5. Lack of exercise

Belly fat Is the most dangerous kind of fat and is a most difficult fat to burn. Due to belly fat and visceral fat you tend to grow a variety of health issues like asthma, heart diseases, high blood pressure, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes and strokes.

So, story cut short, you cannot let your belly fat increase, improve your nutrition, start doing the below mentioned exercises to reduce belly fat, in at least alternative days, reduce stress and make other life style change to help reduce belly fat.

Mantra to achieve results faster

The best way to reduce belly fat is exercise daily, when you start reducing weight you might feel that you are not reducing from your belly side fat. You need to understand that belly fat is really hard to reduce, it is not a week or a month job. To get a flat, sexy and attractive looking stomach, you need to follow a particular diet chart and do a certain kind of exercise to reduce belly fat every day. There are so many exercises to reduce belly fat, such as: running or walking, bicycling, aerobics, dancing, cardio and Zumba.

The first mantra to reduce belly fat is never give up, if you haven’t start exercising yet, then this is the right time to push yourself to get flat and sexy looking belly.

Find out your excessive belly fat at home:  This might not be the most accurate measurement, but will surely give you an idea: measure your waistline using a measuring tape just above your hip bone. If you are a woman and measure around 35 or more, you might need to start thinking about losing the fat around your lower waist or belly. For men, a measurement of around 40 will be alarming.

Do check today and if you see extra inches on your belly, not to worry we bring 10 best exercise to reduce belly fat. Stay tuned.

Jumping Jacks:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat -Jumping jacks
  • Stand straight with your feet together and arms set down at your sides.
  • Jump up while you raise your arms over your head (form like clapping over your head) and spread your feet.
  • When you land from that position jump up again and pull your legs back together and your arms to your sides, returning to the starting position.
  • Do 3 sets of 30 reps for beginners.

First of all, jumping jacks are full body exercise and it is very effective in exercises to reduce belly fat, jumping jacks also help to relieve stress and to do this exercise safely you need to have a good pair of shoes.

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Burpees
  • Stand straight, your feet should be hip-width apart and your arms should be at your side.
  • Bend your knees and push your hips back, lowering your body in to a squat position.
  • Now place your palm on the floor the position of your palms should be narrower than your feet, and shift your body weight to your hands.
  • Jump back with your feet and extend your legs back behind you into a plank position. Make sure that your back does not sag. This plank position will work on your core muscles and help you to reduce belly fat.
  • Jump your feet forward again and return in to the squat position.
  • Place your hands in the air and jump up as high as you can.
  • Do 3 sets of 15 reps for beginners

Burpees are ultimate full body exercise; it burns mega calories so try this out at your home to reduce belly fat. It would be among best exercises to reduce belly fat faster at home.

Mountain Climbers:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Mountain climbers
  • Start in plank position with hands directly under shoulders and leg extend behind you, keep your core engaged by squeezing your stomach muscles and your body should be in straight line.
  • Pull your right knee towards your chest as high as you can and pull your abs in even tighter so that your body does not sag and come out of its plank position.
  • Do the same thing with your other knee
  • Continue to switch knees simultaneously and keep running in your plank.
  • Do 3 sets of 15 reps for beginners

Jumping jacks and mountain climbers are cardio exercise, which means they reduce fat like no other. They also target your lower and upper abs, shoulders and leg muscles.

2 Split Squat Jumps:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - 2 Split Squat Jumps
  • Stand up straight, and then jump in to a lunge. Make sure your front knee doesn’t go past your toes.
  • After a couple of seconds, jump again and switch legs
  • Do two of these

Split squat jumps are a great exercise for lean and strong legs. They strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and, of course, abs!

Now do burpee again, remember – squat down jump back in to the puss up and jump again in to the starting position

When you do this exercise on your own time, do 3 sets. That is, do 2 splits- jumps, 1 burpee, 3times.

Leg Lifts:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Leg LIfts
  • Lie down on your back, keep the leg straight and together.
  • Place your hands underneath your lower back.
  • Now lift your leg all the way up to the ceiling straight to a 90 degree.
  • Keep you knee locked throughout the exercise.
  • Lift your leg until your hips are fully flexed.
  • Then lower your legs back down about an inch off the floor and hold for a moment.
  • Again, lift your legs backup and repeat the same session.

Leg lifts will help you build up your lower back and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Keep your legs straight. Lift them higher!

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Bicycle
  • lie down on your lower back, and pressed to the ground.
  • Put your both hands underneath your lower back.
  • Bend your legs and raise them, so that your calves are parallel to the floor.
  • straight your right leg and move it slowly banding it towards the floor like you are forming a circle.
  • Continue with the left leg moving like you are paddling a bicycle.
  • Make sure you keep up your back flat on the floor.

The bicycle is the most effective abdominal exercise.

Waist Crunches:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Waist Crunch
  • Lie down with your back straight.
  • Now raise your leg at a 90-degree angle toward the ceiling and keep them straight.
  • Slowly start to pull up your shoulder and upper chest, and your hands toward your toes. hold for a second, and then lie down.
  • Remember keep your back flat on the floor.
  • if it is too hard for you at the beginning, start with your knees slightly bent.
  • Work for to 3 sets of 10 reps.

The waist crunch (or vertical leg crunch) helps build your core muscles and increases your metabolism. It also improves your posture and balance.

Reverse Crunches:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Reverse Crunches
  • Lie down on your met keep your face and hands down on the floor for support.
  • Now keep your knee together and legs bent to 90 degrees, feet planted on the floor.
  • Lift your hips off the floor and move your knees towards your shoulders then pause at top of the moment and slowly return your feet to the floor.
  •  Work for to 3 sets of 10 reps.
Bicycle Crunches:
Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Bicycle Crunches

Crunches are really good to get rid of belly fat

  • lie down on your lower back, and pressed to the ground.
  • Put your hands behind your head, bent your right leg and keep other leg parallel to the floor
  • now move your right knee towards your shoulder lift your head and upper chest and try to touch your right knee with your left elbow.
  •  Now go back to the starting position and repeat by switching the arm and leg.
  • Do 3 sets of 20 reps

Bicycle crunches work your upper, middle, and lower abs. It’s a full abdominal exercise.

Exercises to Burn Belly Fat - Plank
  • Keep your forearms rested on the mat on elbows, with elbows separated shoulder width and arms should be parallel to your body.
  •  You should be looking onto the ground, avoid looking front.
  • Prefer to keep your palms straight. If that bothers your wrist, you can try making a fist.
  • Your body should be rested on your toes.
  • Last but not the least, you should not forget to keep your hips upright such that your legs, hips and shoulders should be in a straight line.

These exercises will definitely give you fruitful results in minimum possible time without even taking the pain to visit a gym. You won’t even need any gym equipment but all you need is determination and willingness to see results.

Keep in mind that no exercise will ever do wonders for you as long as you stick to proper and healthy diet plan to complement the hard work you are putting in. Check out Vegetable Diet Soup Recipes for weight loss, which might help you to compliment your hard work and burn belly fat.

So, guys try out these exercises and I will be eager to hear your experiences and suggestions in the comment box below. See you soon and wish you all the best!

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